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Target Research Group

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Vision without action is a daydream

Action without vision is a nightmare.

Work Sample


Mystery Shopping

Survey amongst banking customers to understand reactions to a new banking product

Objective: To conduct Mystery Audit on Banking Customers to understand reactions to a new banking product Target Respondents: Customers/Intenders of respective bank branches Our action Plan: Regular audits to ensure the data accuracy and maximum reach

Mystery Shopping for FMCG product PAN India

Objective: To conduct Mystery Shopping for FMCG product PAN India Target: Retains stores of a specific retail chain brand across PAN India Our action Plan: 3 way QC with proof of audits and recordings for best deliverable.

Mystery Audit for a mobile brand at various stores in all metro cities

Objective: To conduct Mystery Audit at Mobile Stores Outlet Target: To achieve maximum bargain, if possible getting beyond Minimum selling process as briefed by client Our action Plan: To target outlets across all metro cities as per the database provide by client

Washing machine and Refrigerator Audit in Nepal

Objective: To conduct Mystery Audit of a Consumer Durable Product at stores across Nepal Target: Retail outlets as per brand and their deliverables. Our action Plan: We mainly focused more on Washing Machine and Refrigerators as asked by our Client.

CATI and F2F

.Multi country - IOT deployment study

Objective: To conduct a study on IOT Methodology: CATI Target Respondents: Directors and above from the following persons: Customer Experience, Chief Digital Officer, Head of Contact Centre, Customer Service

Multi Functional Printer Study

Objective: How IT B2B channel partners are currently operating the business on the dealer's front Methodology: Face to face Target Respondents: Managers or dealer partners Our action Plan: Tier 1, 2 cities in India. Evaluated according to the questions provided by the client and collected the data in the excel sheet.

Online Hotel Booking Application

Objective: A study on the ethical parameters of the registered hotels as well as the flexibility of the staff in terms of employee satisfaction. Methodology: CSat Survey (CATI and F2F) Target Respondents: current/potential customers Our Action Plan: Booking the hotel and determining the flexibility of the staff in terms of making the customers comfortable if they ask for extra basic amenities at a given point of time.

HealthCare Research

Study on Cardiologists and Endocrinologists

Target Countries: Hong Kong and Malaysia Target Groups: •Cardiologists or endocrinologists who prescribe lipid – lowering therapy. •50% who have experienced a Cardiovascular Event(CV), 50% who are high risk Cardiovascular Event patients but not experienced an event. •Sample Size/ target group : Physicians and Patients •Survey Duration : 30 Minutes for Physicians 25 Minutes for Patients •Local languages were used in all markets, Questionnaire/Screener were in native language to overcome the translator requirement.


•Target Region : Pan INDIA •Target group : Ophthalmologist •Methodology: CAPI •Survey Duration : 15 mins