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Face to face Survey is also known as a personal interview survey, is a survey method that is used when a specific target population is involved. The purpose of conducting a F2F survey is to explore the responses of the people to gather more and deeper information.
The most important and efficient segment of Market Research, a technique where interviewer follows a script provided through a software application on a telephone call with the respondent which is structured as per according to the requirement of the study of the client, keeping in mind to grasp the best of information from the respondent. This type of Market Research speeds up the data collection accordingly with the requirements with accuracy. We are known for the quality of our research through this technique as time is the most important thing in this time of survey. Till date we have managed to give the desired output in the stipulated time given by our clients. The other most important thing about this part is the in-house arrangement of all the set up required for this kind of research. Our in-house team in this segment is spread across a wide region on the globe with the help of our reliable business partners. The professionals in our team for this segment pay special emphasis on quality checks and checking the parameters multiple times so as to make sure that the quality we deliver is the best of its kind. We have one in best of the class of set up for this purpose based especially in the Asian region. The quality is being checked by the specialists having great experience in the segment. The questionnaire being created is the best in class that can be provided. Our systems record each and every call so as to monitor every aspect of the progress made in case of every single survey being conducted. We make sure that once the survey gets completed the data gained must satisfy the requirements of the study, so as to deliver what is being expected from our clients. The satisfaction of clients is our achievement and award for every kind of research we perform.
This is the segment of Market Research where the questionnaire is sent to the respondent and they answer the same according to their available time, however, in this type of study the response percentage remains a bit lower in comparison to the interview over the telephone (CATI), as the respondent may or may not be equipped with internet facility. So, we put more emphasis on the design of the questionnaire so as to make it effective and impressive. This quality of questionnaire raises the percentage of response. A standard form of questionnaire needs to be short and crisp including objective type questions just with checkboxes or pull-down menus or pop-up menus to help the respondent use less time in completing the survey.
The segment of Market Research in which the interviewer physically meets the respondent to ask them questions from the pre-defined questionnaire provided to them for the purpose of the study. This is a segment where the impression of the interviewer pre-determines whether the respondent will be answering the questionnaire or not, in case if the respondent is not interested then how the situation can be turned in favor is a talent to be possessed by the interviewer. We have a dedicated team for this segment who are responsible to provide training to the interviewers so as to get capable of handling adverse situations and complete the survey in pen and paper mode. Here the probability of completion remains at nearly 100% as the respondent once convinced, answers the questions diligently.
We have got a group of selected respondents in every field who agree to provide information at specific intervals so as to enrich us with the data whenever required by our clients. We have got a huge database of specialists in almost every segment covering especially the fields like healthcare, education and public sector. Apart from our Mobile Application, there are many more respondents who need to get connected offline. Our reward mechanism is well set for this purpose, which fastens our long term relation with our panel of specialists.
An essential service in our segment where designing of the survey to be conducted is done using various tools like Dimensions and Computer Aided Survey System so as to program and host the online survey is a respondent friendly manner. We stand in the first line of Market Research companies in this segment where we convert the created questionnaire into online survey using technologies of interactive communication. The program needs to be designed in such a way that the visitors (respondents) once in, complete the survey before leaving. We create such user friendly designs in multiple languages. We also provide the service of Real-time reporting so as to keep our clients updated with the ongoing project, hence gaining control over the look of the survey. Customized reports are also sent, as real-time monitoring provides access to both active and completed or paused projects. We ensure our client of proper data layout to be generated as per the requirement of the analytical team. We focus on the accuracy of the project in the segments like IT, FMCG, Healthcare, Personal care, Education, Travel, Telecom and consumer durables.



The part of Market Research which involves a small but demographically diverse group of people who are involved in an open discussion about a given topic to determine the reaction which can be expected from a large population and is a form of qualitative research. We have conducted several successful Focused Group Discussions across the globe with the help of our associated teams in different nations. Our team specialized in such kind of research focus on interviews from the group of people associated for the interview to gather their perception, opinion and belief towards a service or product as per the requirement of our client. This kind of research is conducted to get the information in quicker time as many people are taken into count at once. This segment of Market Research encourages, advances and elevates market research worldwide so as to provide ethical guidance to our clients and hence requires a team which is expert in public dealing and our team is specialized in such activities especially in the region of Asia and Europe. Our partners and clients are live proofs of our success in this segment.


In-depth interviewing is a qualitative marketing research interviewing technique that involves conducting intensive individual interviews with a small number of respondents to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, program, or situation. This type of technique is used in situations where expert opinions are needed, or to gather detailed information from customers or users of competing products or services. We also conduct


This segment gives you an insight of the market and keeps you updated about the ongoing trends via telephone Interviews. It facilitates the recruitment services by the expert interviewers via telephonic interviews. This service is mostly used when we have to target a specific group specially the Health care specialist.


This is a standard practice which was introduced in the market in early 1940s, to measure the integrity of employees or for internal investigations of their product or service for measuring the quality of service or compliance with regulation or to gather specific information about their product or service. This is one of the segments of Market Research which we have expertise on. We have a team of nearly 1000 mystery shoppers in India, marking our presence in every state, are given instructions to make the test of product or services in a particular manner (known often as ‘scenarios’ ) so as to gather the maximum information about the same, as per the requirement of our client. The guided instructions are such that the overall information of the product or service is taken out as the opinion of the common people like a mystery shopper at a clothing store would enquire about gift wrapping services so as to test if the shopkeeper provides the service or not if the service is being offered by the organization, or a mystery shopper at a restaurant may pretend that they are lactose-intolerant so as to test the knowledge of the restaurant supervisor or the exceptional services provided by them for such unconditional situations. The mystery shoppers move in as a regular shopper at the store being evaluated. They may need to click photographs or take measurements, purchase something or return some product, count the number of products or people during the visit. Once out of the shop the Mystery shopper updates the data with us which further are compiled according to the requirement of the client. Reports and presentations are made as per the requirement or the Primary data is led through the secondary means to get the final compact form of the result.


One of the most complicated segments of Market Research which includes Financial modeling, information on Investment banking, and Mergers and Acquisitions along with the fundamental analysis and audit and trial of the balance sheet or the financial statement. Here the client provides us the highly secured and private data of the organization so as to pre-determine the future economic graph of their organization. Our team of financial experts all Chartered Accountants, has members with experience of even more than 20 years, which makes our foot firm in this segment, and also the data provided by us has proved out to be of accuracy with a mere deviation percentage of 3% till date. Our analysts write reports after tactical evaluation of the market, determining the level of risk of the client organization and provide an insight into the company’s prospects to determine the managerial efficiency, using spreadsheet and other statistical software some indigenously developed so as to make the final result as accurate as possible.


We have done well with our panel of experts in the segment of healthcare research including specialists like Surgeons, Dentists, Neurologists, Ornithologist, Pediatrics, Gynecologists, Orthopedics, and many more. This segment is relatively tough as the people we deal with are experts with lots of experience and who do not have much time, but we have managed the best in every circumstance. Most importantly, we have managed to deliver such projects as well in time and with such a quality that has satisfied each of our existing customer. Healthcare researches in the countries like Japan and Korea have gained us much fame in this segment of Market Research. We are still working on expansion of our database and online panel for such kind of studies so that even in case if we require a huge number of surveys as per the requirement of our client we can work on it so as not to make our clients visit any other service provider in any case and in any number. We have established our panel in this segment for studies in the sectors like public health, nursing, geography, economics, medicine, operations, engineering, pharmacy, psychology and epidemiology. Aiming towards client satisfaction, we always focus on quality assurance.


This is a broad category of Market Research where the data sampling is done with the help of Internet. In the era of technological boom, internet has played a great role in our segment as well. The qualitative category of Market Research includes methods like Online Interview, CATI or CAWI. Online Focused Group Discussions, Web based questionnaire and Social Network Analysis are some other methods being used by us for collection of data. Our department dealing with online research is determined to utilize the internet to its maximum, so as to gather ample data from the respondents so that our team of secondary research can deliver the accurate presentation to our clients and satisfy the market needs.


Desk research is another name for secondary research. It comprises searching for information using existing resources, such as the press, the Internet, analytical reports and statistical publications. This is then followed by cross referencing and the collation of data. It serves as a stand-alone research technique or as the initial stage of a project and a precursor to primary research.