Features Of Our Data Collection

Primary Research

The prospective employees at Tache Technologies are trained to obtain fresh data directly from targeted audience using various survey and primary research methods.

Quantitative Research

At Tache Technologies, opinions and behaviors of potential respondents are quantified to obtain generalized results from a large audience through survey and primary research data collection.

Face-to-face interviews

Tache Technologies conducts empirical interviews consisting open-ended questions to offer a broader portrait of the interviewee through survey and data collection.

Field data collection

Tache Technologies provides well-planned strategies and well-equipped resources for collecting field data collection .

Customised Surveys

Appropriate customization features for primary research are made available in order to maintain accuracy of data in survey to the highest degree.

Door-to-door Survey

Tache Technologies helps its clients to obtain data from living standards of respondents on how a specific product is used at home via door to door survey.

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