Features of Sales Glance

Franchise/Distributorship Agreement

With numerous distributors and franchisees, Tache Technologies provides a wider exposure in the market by ensuring distribution of products and services to the customers.

Revenue Growth

Tache Technologies focuses on expanding the distribution channels by increasing networks to promote the products and services which lead to revenue growth.

Customer Acquisition

The systematic and sustainable acquisition process of Tache Technologies helps its clients to evolve with new trends by bringing new customers.

On-demand Field force

A pre-sales training is provided to the field force to ensure the readiness and establish the process in best possible way favourable to the client.

Tactical Implementation

Tache Technologies helps its clients to outsmart the market competition by developing advanced level strategic plans before actual implementation.

End-to-end Service

Tache Technologies promises full-fledged support to its clients by providing end-to-end services from commitment to closure.

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