About Us


An organization dedicated to the efforts of gathering information about the target market or the customers, in a way of getting an overview of the customer’s wants, needs and beliefs. We also involve in determination of how a product could be marketed. We use tools that assist in making strategic decisions for our client company so as to reduce the level of risk involved with the product or service.

We are focused at the satisfaction of our clients in the field of CATI, CAWI, Financial Research, Healthcare Research, Mystery Shopping, Online Research, PAPI and Focused Group Discussions. Adding to our glories, our Mobile Application has gained us further heights with its launch. Our giant team will soon be viable in the market with the number of downloads of the application with merely its Android version. Looking forward, soon we will be launching the application in other versions as well.

TACHE Market Research is an organization which has a dedicated team of experts so as to assist our clients with the best of the option available in order to reduce the risk and cost in the segment as per the their requirements . The quality of our research has led us to grow at rocket’s pace along with our group of satisfied client companies. List including the top notches in the segment has gained us fame in a short span of approx 4 years.

Why Tache Market Research

  • Conducting PAN India & overseas
  • Conducted through our Tache Mobile App
  • Survey programming & history report
  • Real Time Data & Tracking of the auditors
  • Proof of Audit
  • Qualified Auditors with voice recording*
  • Creative people
  • Panel of experts
  • Client satisfaction
  • Global presence
  • Efficiency with accuracy
  • On time delivery
  • Precise data mining
  • Great response team
  • Huge workforce


Tache Technologies promises to provide our clients the most trusted professional and innovative research methods in both qualitative and quantitative approaches across design, data collection and analysis. We envisage to help our clients successfully navigate business, political and social challenges by using latest industry techniques and technologies.


Tache takes a very consultative approach towards fleet management solutions. We endeavor to understand the requirements of our clients and customizing both the hardware and the software, providing our clients