Our experts have left no stone unturned in setting up this platform integrated around the principles of delivering:

  • Data racked up through Secured Sources.
  • Idealized Authenticity of Field Data through data collection dashboard.
  • PAN India Field Team Reach for market research in just one tap.
  • Cost-effective approach from commitment to closure.

Monitoring & Analysing were never so compatible together. To enhance the visualisation of gained insights and avail the benefits of additional features via data collection dashboard.

Our Web Application has been assorted in a way to get off the hook of muddle.


Tache Technologies exceeds all expectations when it comes to simplifying the process of survey data collection and authentication.

Trend Analysis

Tache Technologies offers technology-oriented solutions such that a particular site of audit can be tagged and the auditors can navigate to the exact location just by simply tapping the icon.

Response Analysis

Tache Technologies provides customization facilities in survey audits by allocating relevant questionnaires to a particular group of users.

Documentation Storage

Tache Technologies facilitates its users by providing reliable and robust security services.

Transparency & Accuracy

Tache Technologies ensures that proper registration of each user is made feasible following a secured and elementary authentication procedure of the user interface.

Manage Audits

The user interface of Tache Technologies is designed such that it facilitates survey audits in multiple languages as per client preferences.

Integrated Technologies

To aid in the professional growth of the auditors, Tache Technologies allows its users to add members to the platform and create a team to collect data by tracking their activities.

Hierarchial Management

Tache Technologies has eliminated the need for an active internet connection for working of the application and performing survey audits in remote areas or regions with low or no network

Mobile Application Features(Read More)

  • Tache Technologies transcends other enterprises with its features related to the monitoring of activities and performance of the workforce through real-time interactions.
  • Contemporaneous tracking of auditors is ensured to verify and validate the audits at the audit location.
  • Clients can easily monitor the progress of different ongoing projects by looking at the graphical representation of the daily basis report generated on their dashboard.
  • Understanding the current trends and predicting the future ones is vital for forecasting purposes as well as determining the required changes for improvement.
  • Tache Technologies provides an additional feature that helps its clients to surmise and prospect the current trends in the market with the help of graphical representation.
  • The current trends can be easily seen and understood through graphical representation displayed on the screen.
  • With this, Tache Technologies aims to supply valuable information to the client to alleviate the process of overall analysis and reach to the conclusion efficiently.
  • Analysis of the data is crucial for any individual or an organisation in order to extract useful information and decide the future trajectory.
  • Tache Technologies facilitates the generation of analytical reports to make it easier for the client to interpret and analyse the given data.
  • The data collected by the field workforce is clubbed onto the dashboard where the admin can summarize the data and can perform different operational tasks.
  • Various controlling and reporting tools are made available to study the research, identify the hitches and ultimately reach a conclusion by applying different permutations & combinations.
  • With the reliable and robust security services ensured by Tache Technologies, a repository is maintained which is accessible by the admin as well as the client.
  • The system primarily stores all the related documents of the users in the repositories.
  • Documents are verified by the application with specific sets of parameters assuring the availability of a user on the audit location.
  • Tache Technologies offers various storage plans for its clients ranging up to unlimited storage depending upon the package endorsed by the client.
  • Accuracy of the data is one of the major concerns for clients around the globe. Tache Technologies ensures that the data extracted from the survey is accurate and verified by the application.
  • Multiple sets of parameters have been provided in the system ensuring the efficiency of the data to enable the client to make the best appropriate decisions as per the analysis.
  • In order to maintain legitimacy, the surveys are verified by the team before making them available to the client.
  • Tache Technologies renders solutions to plan, view and manage multiple audits of clients with multiple audit teams at different locations on a single platform by maintaining reports that consolidate data automatically.
  • The platform provides the flexibility of conducting numerous surveys and audits simultaneously in an effective way by uploading instant real-time feedback in a customized set of questionnaires.
  • To reduce ambiguity, only the required set of questionnaires is open to the sampling under consideration, which helps in acquiring well-precise information from the users.
  • Tache Technologies also provides its clients the facility to accept or reject the details of a respondent.
  • Tache Technologies allows customisation and integration of data collected by auditors in excel sheets or SPSS software.
  • The generated reports help in providing deep insights into stores and facilitate clients in making decisions based on the captured data.
  • The data can be viewed quickly through excel sheets and the compiled information can be presented for data interpretation using various graphical formats.
  • Various controlling and reporting tools are also available for analytics as per client’s requirements such as Simple Query (for data filtration and customisation), Google BigQuery (for advance queries), Photo reports, GPS reports, and many more.
  • Managing users at each stage of a survey is no longer a gruelling task with Tache Technologies.
  • Audit feature of Tache offers hierarchical management solutions allowing the admin to have control over immediate team members i.e. managers.
  • Similarly, managers can control and track the activities of the next-level workforce of auditors. Clients can also edit and monitor the activities of the survey along with the admin.
  • Therefore, a complete survey is managed by the admin and the client collectively.

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